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Official WIFFLE Rochester Rules

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WIFFLE® Rochester Baserunning Rules
  • Base runners move as follows: One base on a single, two bases on a double and three bases on a triple.

  • On ground outs, the lead runner is always forced out.

  • DOUBLE PLAY RULE: If the offensive team hits a ground ball in the infield with less than two outs the defensive team may attempt a DOUBLE PLAY. In doing so, the fielder must field the ball cleanly (not juggled), toss the ball to the other fielder (can't be pitcher, but pitchers can throw to either fielder), that player must catch without juggle, then they must throw the ball in one motion off the the strike zone (20inch x 30inch target). If the ball hits the target in the air the two lead runners are out, if the throw misses the target, than only the lead runner is out. The ball must hit the target in the air only, NOT on a bounce. If the ball is juggled by the "2nd Fielder", but caught, then the lead runner is out, but no double play may be attempted. If the ball is dropped by the "2nd Fielder", then all runners are SAFE.


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