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Official WIFFLE Rochester Rules

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WIFFLE® Rochester Batting Rules
  • SWITCH HITTING: The batter may switch sides at any time in the count. The batter must notify the pitcher before doing so and may not switch sides during the delivery of a pitch, if so, the pitch will be ruled a strike.

  • LEGAL POSITIONING: Batter's Box lines will not exist, however a batter must position themselves atleast one foot off home plate

  • BATTERS INTERFERENCE: Once the batter has legally positioned himself within the batters box, he is not required to move out of the path of the pitch. However, if the batter is ruled by the pitcher to have intentionally moved into the path of the pitch (leaning in) in an attempt to block the pitch from going through the strike zone, he shall be called for batters interference, and the pitch will be called a strike. A batter will recieve a warning for their first offense, the warning remains with that particular batter for the remainder of the game.

  • HITTING THE BATTER: A ball that hits the batter will be ruled a ball and no base will be awarded. However, if the ball strikes a batter's head they'll be awarded a base.

  • BATTERS HANDS: The hands of the batter are considered part of the bat. A ball hitting the batters hand(s) and landing in foul territory is ONLY a strike if the batter is in the act if swinging, if not the pitch is ruled a ball. If a ball hits a batters hand(s) and lands into fair territory, the ball will be ruled a fair ball.

  • FOUL BALLS: The batter will not touch foul balls until they come to a complete stop. Foul balls have been known to spin back into fair play and are NOT too be touched until they stop spinning or moving in any way.

  • Batting gloves may be worn by the batter only when batting.


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