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Official WIFFLE Rochester Rules

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WIFFLE® Rochester Pitching Rules
  • MEDIUM PITCH SPEED: All Pitchers must throw at a medium pitch speed(Under 45 points on WIFFLE Rochester Radar).

  • A pitcher entering the game must face one complete batter before leaving the mound.

  • The pitcher must have at least one foot touching the rubber when he releases the ball. If a ball is pitched in violation of this rule, the pitch will be ruled a ball.

  • There are no balks.

  • WARM-UPS: A pitcher will get up to seven warm-up pitches before the start of the game once he takes the mound and four between innings. If a relief pitcher comes into the game due to a result of an injury to the active pitcher, a reasonable amount of time will be allowed for the relief pitcher to warm-up.

  • INHERITING THE COUNT / SITUATION: A pitcher must face one complete batter before being replace by a relief pitcher. When a pitcher is replaced by a relief pitcher and the batter already has a count or base runners on base, e.g. three balls and one strike and / or base runners on first and second, the relief pitcher will inherit the 3-1 count and / or base runners.


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