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Official WIFFLE Rochester Rules

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WIFFLE® Rochester Playing Field Rules
  • THE FIELD: A level surface. The angle created from the tip of home plate will be between 70 and 75 degrees from foul line to foul line.

  • THE INFIELD: An infield line will be drawn from foul line to foul line, and will extend from a distance of 45 feet from home plate, down each foul line. Cones will be placed on the infield line and the foul line, completely in fair territory, and will serve as a marker for ground balls. A fair play line will be drawn and will run from foul line to foul line six feet from the tip of home plate.

  • THE OUTFIELD: The foul poles will be no less than 75 feet and no more than 85 feet from home plate in both left and right field. The center field wall will be no less than 90 feet and no more than 110 feet from home plate. The outfield walls will be about four feet and must be free of sharp edges and protruding objects.

  • THE PITCHERS MOUND: The pitcher will throw from a distance of 42 feet from the strike zone back-stop. A pitching rubber will be used to mark the distance. At least one of the pitchers feet must be touching the pitcher's mound when they release the ball.

  • BASERUNNERS: There is no base running or base stealing. All runners will be imaginary.

  • OUT OF PLAY OR FOUL TERRITORY: The playing field area will be kept clear of all objects and players.

  • GROUND RULES: Will be discussed to all teams prior to the start of each game.

  • FIELD MARKING: Cones for markers and string for foul lines will be used. All field boundries will be clearly marked.


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