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Official WIFFLE Rochester Rules

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WIFFLE® Rochester Gameplay Rules
  • NO BASERUNNING: WIFFLE Rochester follows traditional WIFFLE Ball rules, which involves NO BASERUNNING. This makes it the perfect game for players of all ages.

  • MEDIUM PITCH SPEED: All Pitchers must throw at a medium pitch speed. Pitch Speeds will be monitored randomly, and upon request by WIFFLE Rochester Officials. There's NO Warnings, first offense will result in an automatic walk of the current batter, regardless of the count. Second Offense will result in an automatic run for the opposing team.

  • THE GAME: Six innings equal a normal game. A 20 run "mercy" rule is in effect after four complete innings.

  • OUTS: Three outs per inning for each team.

  • THE COUNT: Five balls to a walk, three strikes is an out, fouls are unlimited. A foul tip hitting the target will result in an out WITH TWO STRIKES ONLY.

  • THE STRIKE ZONE: A strike zone will be made out of any solid material. The target will be no less than 20 inches wide and 30 inches high and no more than 24 inches wide and 34 inches high. Strike zones will start at no less than 12 inches above the ground and no more than 16 inches above the ground. These dimensions must be followed to have a consistent strike zone on all fields.

  • BASERUNNERS: There is no base running or base stealing. All runners will be imaginary.

  • INFIELD FLY RULE: No infield fly rule will be called.

  • BUNTING: Bunting is illegal and will not be permitted.

  • EXTRA INNINGS: In extra innings(the beginning of the 7th inning), the batting team will start with runners on first and second base. All additional innings will start in the same way until the game is completed.


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