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Official WIFFLE Rochester Rules

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WIFFLE® Rochester Team Rules
  • TEAMS: A teams roster must consist of five players and a minimum of two players must attend each game to avoid forfiet. All five players may change positions at any time defensively, but only three will be on the field defensively at one time, a pitcher and two fielders. A pitcher and one fielder is legal. Individual players may only legally play for one team.

  • BATTING ORDER: A team must bat all players in attendence. The opposing team must be made aware of the batting order prior to the game. If a player is injured during the game and cannot continue to bat, his turn at bat will be skipped. Once a players turn at bat is skipped he may not return to the game. A batting order will not be changed during the game and if a team bats out of order that batter is ruled out.

  • SUBSTITUTION: All five players may change positions at any time defensively, however once a player is batted for by a substitute, that player is out of the game and cannot re-enter. A pitcher must face one complete batter before changing positions defensively.


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